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We believe in progress. The small and big steps everyone of us make on a daily basis for a better tomorrow. We believe in the hunger for more success, in the foolishness with a form of a lack of experience as a great power which could overcome any obstacle.

The mission of 120 000.eu is to share knowledge and to effectively assist you to master a progressive opportunity which could provide your useful project $120 000 per year.

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The initiative is realized by “Civil Activity Lab” Foundation, founded and led by Georgi Darzhanliev, elected for TOYP 2015 by JCI Bulgaria in “Business, economy and entrepreneurship” category, also awarded by the President of Republic of Bulgaria with an honorary diploma “John Atanasov for projects with great social impact” and founder of pravatami.bg (myrights).

120 000.EU helped us greatly in order www.ucha.se to receive the support of Google AdGrants. In fact, they’ve done it all… Without Georgi, Vyara and the rest of their colleagues for sure we would not even apply for Google AdGrants, simply because we would not have the resources and the time. They made the complicated very simple. Google AdGrants provide us the opportunity to provide the students and parents the exact video lessons and exercises at the right moment. I am very grateful for the common collaboration on the project. Their work is professional, punctual and competent.

Darin Madzharov, Founder of the innovative educational platform www.ucha.se

Thanks to Georgi and Vyara, today www.lifehack.bg is not only a website, but something much bigger - a foundation which mission is to provide high quality educational information to anyone who wants to grow. During the registration of the foundation I let everything in the hands of Georgi and Vyara, because neither had the desire nor the knowledge to deal with the bureaucracy. The one thing I did was to follow their instructions which resulted in that today Lifehack is not only officially registered foundation, but also approved for the Google AdGrants program and each month has a $ 10,000 advertising budget for Google AdWords. This huge marketing budget is a tremendous opportunity for lifehack.bg to advertise the activities of the website and the foundation to a lot more users and help us grow and reach our goals.

The working process with Vyara and Georgi is systematic, comfortable and simple: I received all the needed information and documentation with instructions exactly what to do in my email. In fact, through their way of getting the job done, even a small child can handle without being bored by the administrative tasks that need to be proceeded.

The whole time I receive a lot more than I expected: they provided me useful information about the implementation of different ideas I have for Lifehack and last but not least support in the difficult administrative moments when things did not depend on them but by third parties. Their work is highly systematic and in order (you do not do almost anything), they are extremely competent (and are aware of all the subtleties in what they do) and totally effective - the goals that we set at the beginning are 100% completed!

Lastly I would say that Georgi and Vyara are the fastest and long-lasting cure against the bureaucracy related with registration of a foundation. During the entire time, they were constantly beside me advising and supporting. The evidence is: Lifehack Foundation is already using the marketing contribution of Google to develop its activities.

Hristo Stoyanov, Founder of lifehack.bg, innovative platform for personal and professional development

$120 000 for your project

Subscribe now, if you want $120 000 for your project. We are SPAM enemies and send only useful information.